Four Million Footsteps

Four Million Footsteps

Bruce Tulloh

isbn 978 1 9161687 2 5

176pp222 × 156 mm

Clothbound foil-blocked hardback with embossed dust jacket

1,000 copies


This is the story of a man who ran 2,876 miles across America — a tale of solitary endurance, physical trauma and mental toughness.

When Bruce Tulloh set himself the challenge of running coast to coast, he was taking a big risk. He was 34 years old and had spent the previous ten years at the top of international distance running, he had broken the four-minute mile barrier (only the seventh Brit to do so) and won a European gold medal, but he had never run more than 23 miles in one stretch. Was he strong enough to take on the gruelling challenge of running nearly two marathons a day for more than 60 days? Could his body survive this punishing schedule? Time has a way of shading out pain but happily for those interested in just how difficult it was, this book, written up at the end of each day’s run, faithfully records every twinge.

50th Anniversary edition with additional photographs, biographical material and excerpts from the transcontinental log book.