Kavita A. Jindal

[  Poetry chapbook  ]

isbn 978 0 9935135 4 1

40pp210 × 135 mm

One colour on Cyclus 100gsm with colour cover on 300gsm Creator Silk

Limited Edition of 200

April 2019


Kavita A. Jindal is an acclaimed poet and a prizewinning fiction writer, as well as an essayist and reviewer. She is the author of Raincheck Renewed published by Chameleon Press. Her work has appeared in literary journals, anthologies and newspapers around the world and been broadcast on BBC Radio 4, Zee TV and European radio stations. Selected poems have been translated into Arabic, German, Punjabi, Spanish and Romanian. Her poem ‘Kabariwala’ is included in 100 Great Indian Poems published by Bloomsbury India in 2018.

Eloquent on manifold themes, the twenty-eight poems selected for this chapbook move with grace from the personal to the political to the worldly. Kavita’s work is by turns poignant, impassioned, droll and rousing. Her writing retains the original slant and subtle strangeness of Raincheck Renewed, while the poems have become a touch longer and more direct.

Kavita won the Brighthorse Novel Prize in 2018 and the Foyles-Vintage Haruki Murakami Prize in 2012. She received the Word Masala Award for Excellence in Poetry in 2016. She is the co-founder of The Whole Kahani, a collective of British Asian writers and she also serves as Senior Editor at Asia Literary Review. She collaborates with musicians, artists and film-makers across a range of projects.