The Heights

The Heights

Katherine Tulloh

isbn 978 0 9935135 1 0

48pp195 × 140 mm

One colour on Zen

First printingEdition of 100


Wuthering Heights is a strange and wonderful book, where time and point of view are fluid. It has influenced and inspired countless artists from Balthus to Buñuel. Stories and their tellings and retellings—refracted, illuminated and distorted by a multitude of windows—overlap and interfere with each other, flashing forward and back as if blown by the winds of a storm.

Glimpses of scenes and scraps of text from the novel are here scattered over the pages, flickering evocations rather than illustrations of their source.

The use of carbon paper hides the drawing from the drawer, so that it is only revealed—rendered in an intense blue—once the carbon is removed, complete with unpredictable smudges, smears and superimpositions. And when, on occasion, a carbon paper is reused, the traces of one drawing are infused into the texture of the next.

Drawings made in this way are also evanescent, fading rapidly once exposed to light, so this publication preserves them in their original intensity.