The Cuisine of Marguerite Duras

The Cuisine of Marguerite Duras

Jojo Tulloh

[ A reader cooks / A cook’s reader #1 ]

isbn 978 0 9935135 3 4

28pp210 × 148 mm

Full Colour on 170gsm Essential Offset

First printing of 250

July 2019


For Marguerite Duras the stakes are always high. She wrote novels, drank, made movies, loved, drank a bit more. Somehow, she also had time to cook. The Cuisine of Marguerite Duras explores the recipes she kept in a little red notebook in her kitchen, never before translated into English.

Is cooking a worthy subject? Marguerite Duras thought so, declaring

Do you want to know why I cook? Because I enjoy it very much... It’s the antinomy of writing, but somehow we’re in the same solitude when we cook, and the same inventiveness. We’re an author...

Illustrated with paintings by Katherine Tulloh after stills from Duras’ enigmatic film Nathalie Granger (1927).